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No, Wisconsin income taxes will not be withheld from that income. See special withholding arrangement announced by the Secretary of Revenue.

Every situation is different but generally, the credit for income tax paid to Minnesota will offset the Wisconsin income tax on the Minnesota wages so estimated tax payments will not be required. However, if you have income not subject to withholding such as interest, dividends, capital gains, unemployment compensation, etc.

If you have questions about Wisconsin income tax, contact the Wisconsin Department of Revenue:.

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If you have questions about Minnesota income tax, contact the Minnesota Department of Revenue:. Beginning January 1, , your Wisconsin employer will withhold Wisconsin income taxes from your personal service income such as salaries, wages, commissions and fees earned. Beginning January 1, , you must withhold Wisconsin income taxes on wages of Minnesota residents working in Wisconsin.

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  6. Form WT-4 is used to determine the amount of Wisconsin income tax to be withheld from employee wages. Form W was previously used by Minnesota residents working in Wisconsin to claim exemption from withholding of Wisconsin income taxes.

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    Note: Minnesota employers who no longer have a withholding obligation for Wisconsin, should inactivate their Wisconsin withholding tax account. If you have questions about Wisconsin withholding tax, contact the Wisconsin Department of Revenue:. Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode. State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue.

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    Search Search. Toggle navigation Menu. The reciprocity agreement between Wisconsin and Minnesota expired January 1, Information for Workers Wisconsin residents working in Minnesota Minnesota residents working in Wisconsin Information for Employers Wisconsin employers that employ Minnesota residents Minnesota employers that employ Wisconsin residents I am a resident of Wisconsin working in Minnesota.

    How does the ending of the reciprocity agreement affect me? Will my employer withhold Wisconsin tax from my wages?

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    Will I need to make Wisconsin estimated tax payments? What do I need to do? Minnesota has reciprocal agreements with Michigan and North Dakota, provided that nonresidents certify that they are eligible to receive tax credits for income taxes that will be paid to their state of residence.

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    Minnesota residents working in Michigan and North Dakota are exempted from withholding and tax filing requirements for those states. Minnesota Payroll Services. Get A Payroll Quote. Get Quote. All employees are covered except for: salespersons with at least 80 percent of their sales made off their employers' premises; certain agricultural workers; cab drivers; those with qualifications and hours under the control of the U.

    Department of Transportation; seafarers; and members of religious orders. Employers must pay wages at least once every 31 days on a regular payday designated in advance. Unless paid earlier, the wages earned during the first half of the first day period become due on the first regular payday following the first day of work. The law does not specify the amount of leave time employees must be granted.