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Proxy Server

Some web proxies are also able to filter the content of web pages. Some internet restrictions and certain types of online censorship, such as the state-controlled censorship in China , are implemented through web proxies. These proxies limit the parts of the internet that users can reach.

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Other filtering web proxies might adjust pages to a certain goal or audience. In short: a filtering web proxy blocks certain content. This could limit your internet freedom, but also increase your internet safety. A reverse proxy works in the opposite way of a normal proxy server.

What is a proxy server and what is it used for? | VPNOverview

Instead of protecting the data of the surfing internet user, this kind of proxy works to the advantage of the web server. Access to certain specific pages can be granted or denied with the proxy. A special type of web proxy is a CGI proxy. This is an online proxy shaped like a website, with which a visitor can get instant access to a specific other page.

CGI proxies can give access to websites that are blocked by schools, businesses, or even governments. Aside from grouping proxies according to their function, you can also divide them based on how much they help you stay anonymous on the internet. They announce themselves to be proxy servers and even show websites the original IP address of the user.

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This kind of proxy identifies itself as a proxy server, but does not show the original IP address of the user. Anonymous proxies offer a certain amount of protection to their users.

How to Test Proxy Servers

A high anonymity proxy comes closest to a VPN when it comes to anonymity. However, it still misses the online safety and security that comes with a VPN. Using a proxy server comes with several advantages. For example, proxies can influence your internet speed and online safety.

Besides that, many proxies have other advantages: you can use one to blacklist websites or to circumvent other proxies and online blocks.

Connection settings in Firefox

Finally, some proxies hide your IP address. Read more about all of these benefits below. Caching proxy servers keep a file of the websites you visit. Proxy servers are also used to scan websites for malicious code. These dangerous parts of websites can then be blocked. Any chance of a virus or other digital infection becomes significantly smaller.

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Proxy servers allow you to blacklist certain websites. This way, no one using the server is able to access those sites. All traffic through the proxy server can be logged and analyzed by the people in control, such as your boss or ISP. Using a proxy helps you mask your online identity, because it hides your IP address unless you use a transparent proxy.

Finally, a proxy server can be used to bypass the restrictions of online blocking or even another proxy server. As mentioned earlier, a company or a government can block certain content on their proxy servers.

What is a proxy server and what is it used for?

By connecting to this website through your own proxy server, you can easily bypass those restrictions. Want to access a news website that has been blocked in your current location? Even streaming services such as Hulu can occasionally be reached with a proxy.

Tutorial - Apple OS X: Configuring Proxy Settings

These websites often change and limit their available content depending on your geographical location. When you use a good anonymous British proxy server, however, you often will be able to watch these videos. You can specify a value from 1 to If your proxy server requires a user name and password, under Authentication , check I need authentication to connect through my firewall or proxy server. Type the user name in the Username box and password in the Password box.

In the Network Proxy Settings window, click Apply.

Browse for solutions , search the Norton Community , or Contact Us. Email sales Email support. Documentation Certificate tools Discovery user guide Configure a sensor to use a proxy server for communications. Before you begin. Have experience working with the proxy server's operating system Have administrative permissions.

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Configure the sensor to use a proxy. Restart the sensor to encrypt the proxy passwords and upload the proxy information. What's next.