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The efforts of our organization and its members have helped Muni acquire more than 20 historic transit vehicles. Our volunteers have actively helped restore about fifteen vintage vehicles, including streetcars, cable cars, trolley coaches, and motor coaches. While we have essentially completed that mission, our volunteers continue to help keep the streetcars of the F-line sparkling by cleaning them on the line every day.

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We also document the history of vintage street railway operation in San Francisco through our quarterly newsletter, Inside Track, and through our website and its blog, our social media presence, including two Facebook groups, Twitter and Instagram feeds, and a Flickr photography group. Market Street Railway served as a catalyst for winning public funding and support to build the F-line historic streetcar service, and is now actively working to bring to reality a second line, the E-Embarcadero to link waterfront destinations from Mission Bay all the way to Fort Mason.

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The Pharr facility is not open to the public; the Flood Building office is open by appointment only. The museum is open 10 a. Read on to learn the history of previous other organizations who used this venerable name. Market Street Railroad steam car at Third Street, In , the California Legislature granted Thomas Hayes after whom Hayes Street and Hayes Valley are named the franchise for what would become the first street railway on the Pacific Coast.

It was named the Market Street Railroad Company. It operated both as a horsecar and steam train line. Thirteen years after the Market Street Railroad Company pioneered street railway service in San Francisco, Andrew Hallidie invented the cable car, with the first route opening on Clay Street in August Superior to horse-powered lines, it spurred conversion and construction of new routes.

Market Street Railway Co. The electric streetcar, made practical in by Frank Sprague in Richmond, Virginia, quickly began eclipsing the cable car as the state-of-the-art for urban American transit, except on the steepest hills. This they largely accomplished, except on the namesake street of the company. United Railroads cable cars at the Ferry Building, The Southern Pacific interests sold their San Francisco street railways to eastern capitalists in United Railroads, like its predecessor, lobbied to convert the cable car lines on Market to streetcars to no avail, at least until the great earthquake and fire of April 18, , which destroyed most of the eastern half of the city.

But, the wires stayed on Market, and the streetcars with them. I thought the fact that all street cars are handmade was interesting.

San Francisco, CA PCC Trolley Cars

It must take a lot of work and effort to make each one and take a long time to perfect. I'm surprised that it takes so long to make.

Taken For a Ride in San Francisco: Know Your Muni Options | CityPASS Scrapbook

I'm surprised because I thought they could be made quicker. The fact I found the most surprising is that there's only 40 left today. I was under the impression that there was much more than that. They take you around the city, it's basically a tourist attraction.

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What I found interesting was building a cable car is an exacting art that takes several dozen craftsmen 18 to 24 months to complete. I'm surprised the first female driver was hired so recently because I thought they would have hired a woman sooner.

A Brief History of Cable Cars in San Francisco

The first female gripman was in , because i expected that women would already be hired when those cable cars first came out or by the 's. I find it surprising that cable cars and street cars gave opportunity for African-American women to have jobs during the wars. I found this interesting because there was a big increase in jobs when the men went off to war.

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A cable car turnaround in San Francisco. Bernard Spragg. Assign to Google Classroom. Which fact did you find most surprising about the cable cars? Why were you surprised?

  • The streetcars of San Francisco are a direct (trolley) line to the past!
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  • Where would you like to travel next?!
  • San Francisco cable car system.
  • A Brief History of Cable Cars in San Francisco.

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