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We get emails all the time where our visitors have found "certified" cars that have been in accidents or have other serious issues. Be careful and protect yourself from the bad ones out there, and good luck finding the right car for you! AutoCheck is a premier vehicle history report product.

It is supplied by Experian Automotive which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Experian the credit report people. AutoCheck reports feature data from over 34, sources and provides the "AutoCheck Score" in addition to the detailed records which helps you negotiate a better price and compare vehicles. When you buy a new or used car from a dealer and finance it, the dealer informs the state about it and your lender becomes what is known as a Lienholder. The word lien has a meaning of restraint or bond as in bond servant.

This means a lender has your ownership tied up using the vehicle as collateral. You still own the car, your name is on the title, but you sort of don't quite own it yet. This is the mechanism that a lender uses to hold your car hostage until you pay off the loan, preventing you from legally selling it. Of course some unscrupulous sellers, unable to pay off their loan, try to sell their car anyway, promising you the title is on the way, when it really isn't. Now you can be in trouble, trying to transfer ownership into your name without the title.

The DMV will be like a brick wall. To show that there is indeed a lien on the title and that you owe the lender money, the title will have either one or two lines for Lienholder 1 and for Lienholder 2. Usually they keep the title until you pay off the loan, but there could be instances where you have the title in your possession.

Sometimes there could be a second lender involved, or worse, maybe the IRS might slap a lien on your car until you pay your back taxes. We've even seen where repair shops put liens on vehicles after failing to be paid for repair bills. All of these liens could theoretically prevent you from selling your car, although many vehicle auctions get away with stating the "title is in transit" when a car rolls up to the auction block.

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This causes some bidders to scatter. Unfortunately we hear from many of our visitors who bought used cars where their dealer promised them the title will be here any day, and months later they are still waiting.


This is the risk you take when you buy a used car from a dealer and you don't confirm they have the title in hand first. If the dealer really does own that used car they should have the title, end of story, no excuses. Typically, lenders don't keep a paper copy of your title on hand, they store it electronically. Then when you pay off the loan on your car, the lender has your title printed and you get it in the mail usually about a week later, signed or stamped to indicate the lien is satisfied. There are 2 examples below of vehicle titles where the loan was paid off.

This title below shows space on the front for 2 lienholders.

The 1st lienholder was Motorola Credit Union and there was no 2nd lienholder, as indicated by the word none. When the loan was paid off, the credit union stamped on the front of the title "lien satisfied. A buyer of your car might still be a bit concerned because they still see someone listed as a lienholder on this title, but they can rest assured the title is clean. If you see scratches or different colors, the code is likely to be changed.

Compare what you see on the car with the code on the insurance card. Use the manual to check other locations of the code on other non-removable parts of the car. If everything is ok with the code, use the VIN check to find out the history of the car and make the purchase safe and secure.

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Page Overview. However, the online VIN number check Texas will provide the following information: The history of road accidents.

If a lien on a vehicle is not listed on the title certificate

When a driver gets into any kind of an accident, the police come and register this case. You will see the data about all registered accidents. The defects that were made during the manufacturing process. If you see that the defect wasn't repaired, you should ask the seller why it hasn't been done. You can negotiate the price in this case. The data about liens and loans.

Motor Vehicle Temporary Lien Search | Tennessee Secretary of State

If there's a sum that hasn't been paid off, you purchase it with the car. You can also negotiate the price in this case.

How to run a vin# to check car title

We offer you unique vehicle history to help you make better purchase decisions. Trusted by millions of users. Worldwide market leader. The most popular blog articles. Read more How to detect mileage rollback? Salvage title for US imported cars Every year, millions of vehicles in the United States are declared salvage. Simple steps for a used car check CARFAX Europe explains and advises on the most important parameters included in the decision process of consumers for a used vehicle.

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